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Patient Referrals

Providers can refer their patients to HIV/AIDS-related care, treatment, and housing services in New York City. The services below are available to persons living with HIV infection.

Care Coordination
Services include:
  • Medical case management including care navigation
    and social services and benefit coordination.
  • Health education and promotion.
  • Treatment adherence.

Early Intervention Services
Services include:
  • Rapid HIV testing.
  • Linkage to care.

Harm Reduction, Recovery Readiness, and Relapse Prevention Services
Services include:
  • Rapid HIV testing and engagement in HIV primary care.
  • Outreach in short-term commercial single room occupancy (SRO) hotels.
  • Individual or group harm reduction counseling.
  • Assessment and referral for diagnosis and treatment of sexually
    transmitted infections.

Home Care Services
Services include:
  • Coordinated, home-based care.
  • Psychosocial support, bereavement counseling, and respite care.
  • Hospice care and assistance with activities of daily living and
    household chores.

Mental Health Services
Services include:
  • Mental health counseling for HIV positive persons with a DSM-IV diagnosis.
  • Psychiatric care.
  • Buprenorphine treatment and alcohol and other drug (AOD) counseling.

Outpatient Bridge Medical Care
Services include:
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic services provided outside of the clinical setting to reach individuals who are not yet willing to engage in traditional medical care.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and ADAP+
Services include:
  • ADAP provides HIV and AIDS medications.
  • ADAP Plus provides reimbursement for primary care services at selected clinics, hospital outpatient departments, and office-based physicians as well as laboratory testing.

Food and Nutrition
Services include:
  • Home delivered meals, congregate meals, and pantry bags (or any combination of these), along with nutritional assessment and counseling.

Supportive Counseling and Family Stabilization
Services include:
  • Family-focused services that connect HIV-affected families with minor children to family-oriented legal services.
  • Supportive counseling services specifically target individuals who do not have a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
    Fourth Edition. (DSM-IV).

Legal Services
Providers can connect their patients to HIV-related legal services that are
directly necessitated by an individual’s HIV/AIDS serostatus.
Services include:
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney and Living Wills.
  • Interventions necessary to ensure access to eligible benefits, including discrimination or breach of confidentiality litigation as it relates to services eligible for funding under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program.
  • Permanency planning for an individual or family where the responsible adult is expected to pre-decease a dependent (usually a minor child) due to HIV/AIDS. This includes the provision of social service counseling or legal counseling regarding (1) drafting of wills or delegating powers of attorney and (2) preparation for custody options for legal dependents including standby guardianship, joint custody or adoption.

Outreach Services to Youth
Services include:
  • Services identify young individuals with unknown HIV status or HIV-infected youth who are not connected to care and treatment services. 
  • Services target high-risk communities or places where there youth at high risk of HIV infection live or congregate.

Housing Services
Services include:
  • Emergency rental assistance for rental start-up, such as broker’s fees and first month’s rent or for short-term rental assistance. 
  • Rental assistance provided through this program is temporary and must be accompanied by a strategy to identify and support a long-term living situation.