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Tend to Your Feet

Foot Conditions
medication Common foot conditions like bunions, corns, calluses and warts are painful and can increase your risk of tripping, slipping or falling. Plus, pain in your feet may bring you to limit your physical activity. Keeping physically active is an important way to prevent falls.
What You Can Do:
  • Keep your feet clean and dry.
  • Keep your toenails clipped
  • Ask your provider about any foot condition that won’t heal. Do not try to treat it on your own.
  • Talk your doctor about a referral to a podiatrist if you have additional needs.


Choose the Right Footwear
Wearing proper footwear can reduce your risk of falling. Many people who fall at home are barefoot, in slippers, or wearing socks without shoes.
What You Can Do:
  • Wear shoes with a firm, wide sole and low heel.
  • Wear stable shoes made for walking.
  • Avoid walking barefoot. You may be more likely to fall if you step on something.
  • Avoid walking in socks or stockings because they are slippery.
  • Avoid wearing slippers or flip flops. These can easily slide off your feet and cause you to trip.

Download our tip sheet on how to
Care for Your Feet to Prevent a Fall.


More Resources
  • The MedlinePlus Foot Health page has tips and links to more information about foot care and footwear.
  • The National Institute on Aging offers information on foot care, including common foot problems.


Last Updated: May 9, 2012