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Immunization Provider Special Mention Category

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Special Mention immunization providers are providers who did not have a site visit in 2013 but who reached or exceeded 90% coverage for the 4:3:1:4:3:1:4 (4 DTaP: 3 Polio: 1 MMR: 4 Hib*: 3 Hep B: 1 Varicella: 4 PCV*) series among a minimum of 10 patients aged 19-35 months, and 80% coverage for the 1:1 (1 MCV:1 Tdap) series among patients aged 13-17 years. In addition, if the provider participated in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, he or she must have had a VFC Doses Administered Report (DAR) of 90% or higher as of October 2013.

* Hib requirements vary, based on age at first dose, total number of doses already received, current age, and product used.

The Bureau of Immunization congratulates the following providers:

Health Care Providers


Juan Pilarte, MD

Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center - Pediatric OPD

Melchor Domingo, MD

Montefiore 2&4 - University Avenue Family Practice

New York Foundling Bronx Clinic

Prasuna Nukalapati, MD

Riverdale Pediatrics PC

Taiye Apoeso, MD

Verna Yves, MD

Yu Mei Fan, MD


Austin Lu, MD

Cumberland NFCC/Williamsburg CHC

Elizabeth Szilagyi, MD

Eric Krauss, MD

Fernando Ginebra, MD

Graham Windham Clinic

Guo Nie, MD

Harry Bond, MD

Inacia Basada, MD

Jean Claude Charles, MD

Katerina Silverblatt, MD

Lutheran Medical Center- Brooklyn Chinese FHC

Lutheran Medical Center- Park Slope Health Center

Maria Paz Duaban, MD

Meir Salameh, MD

Mercy First/Angel Guardian Children

Rimma Pozdnyakova, MD

Robert Darr, MD

Sonia Vinas, MD

SUNY Downstate Medical Center STAR Clinic

Vasantha Kondamudi, MD

Zhao Wang, MD


Andrea Valdez, MD

Ashok Ghooi, MD

Community Health Care Network - Helen B. Atkinson

Gary Edelstein, MD

Marino Torres, MD

Metropolitan Hospital Center - La Clinica Del Barrio

Sofia De La Cruz, MD

Stanley Cohen, MD

Vicki Papadeas, MD


Charu Champaneri, MD

Daljeet Singh, MD

Edgar Flores-Castillio, MD

Galina Orensteteyn, MD

Getwell Pediatrics of New York

Hector Florimon, MD

Jesus Manuel Pichardo, MD

Ji-Qing Wei, MD

Joseph Saccoccio, MD

Kalpana Master, MD

Leilani Besa-Loria, MD

Maria Patron, MD

Mayank Patel, MD

Muhammad Hasan, MD

Myo Thant, MD

Nicasio Arana, MD

Qikai Yao, MD

Queens Hospital Center

Qurrath Ain, MD

Rhina Rodriguez, MD

Salamat Majeed, MD

Svetlana Prokhorova, MD

Thelma Cabatic, MD

Uzma Iqbal, MD

Wan Lee, MD

Wilfredo Lao, MD

Staten Island

Boris Kogan, MD

Gabriel Adrien, MD

Lourdes Pichay, MD

If you have any questions about getting on the Honor Roll or receiving a Special Mention, please call the Provider Quality Assessment Unit at (347)-396-2404, or contact us at

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