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Immunization Provider Honor Roll

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Criteria for Honor Roll 2014: An honor roll provider is a NYC public or private Vaccines for Children Program (VFC)-enrolled provider who has received an Assessment, Feedback, Incentive, and eXchange (AFIX) visit and:
  • • has at least 10 children in either the 19-35 month-old cohort, or the 13-17 year-old cohort;
  • reached at least 90% coverage—as calculated from CIR data—for the 4 DTaP: 3 Polio: 1 MMR: 4 Hib*: 3 Hep B: 1 Varicella: 4 PCV (4:3:1:4:3:1:4) vaccine series among patients aged 19-35 months;
  • reached at least 80% coverage for the 1 Tdap: 1 MCV (1:1) series among 13 year-olds (before March 1, 2013) or among 13-17 year-olds (on or after March 1, 2013). In 2013, HPV coverage will not be part of the criteria for recognition;
  • has a VFC Doses Administered Report (DAR) of at least 90%; and
  • is in good-standing with the VFC program requirements.
Coverage is measured when the Provider Quality Assurance (PQA) Unit conducts site visits to evaluate VFC compliance and immunization practices. All assessments are currently based on Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) data.

Also assessed during a site visit are 2 doses of Hep A coverage for the 19-35 month-old cohort, and HPV coverage for the 13-17 year-old cohort.

*Hib requirements vary, based on age at first dose, total number of doses already received, current age, and product used.

The NYC Health Department is pleased to honor the following providers:

Health Care Providers

Coverage for
19-35 month olds
(4:3:1:4:3:1:4 series)

Coverage for
13 year olds
(1:1 series)

March 2014

Lighthouse Pediatrics, Dr. Mee Yee Yolanda Eng, Manhattan



St. Barnabas Hospital - Arthur Avenue Pediatrics, Dr. Michelle Ratau and Dr. Shobhna Srinivasan, Bronx



Urban Health Plan - Bella vista Clinic, Dr. Viju Jacob, Dr. Teryn Edwards and Dr. Jennifer Genuardi, Bronx



Urban Health Plan - Jane Addams High School, Dr. Viju Jacob, Dr. Teryn Edwards, Bronx



If you have any question about getting on the Honor Roll, please call the Provider Quality Assessment Unit at (347) 396-2404, or contact us at

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