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Citywide Immunization Registry

Information for Parents, Guardians and Individuals

Request a Record
Parents/guardians, or individuals may request immunization records for their child from the Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) by completing the Immunization Record Request Application (PDF) and mailing or faxing the form to the CIR. Record requests take approximately two weeks to process.

If no record is found or a record without immunizations is found in the CIR, the applicant is told immediately and encouraged to contact their health care provider to request that the immunization history and future immunizations be reported to the CIR. In addition, applicants will be offered the opportunity to enroll into the CIR.

Enroll in the CIR
Parents or guardians may enroll or update their child or an individual may enroll in the Citywide Immunization Registry by completing and mailing the Child Enrollment/Update form and attaching a clear copy of their child's Lifetime Health Record or other immunization card.

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