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Child Care Centers Must Be Properly Licensed and Inspected

The NYC Health Department and the NYS Office of Children and Family Services regulate most child care settings.

Learn about Different Types of Child Care and who inspects each type.

Use Child Care Connect to get notified when City-licensed programs are inspected.

Visit the NYS Office of Children and Family Services for more information on State-regulated programs.

To report any site that you think is unsafe, unhealthy or operating illegally, call 311 and ask about child care.

Child Care
Good child care encourages children to play and learn in a stimulating and nurturing environment. To keep children safe and healthy while they are in a provider’s care, the government licenses and regulates child care facilities and inspects them regularly.

Find Child Care

Child Care Connect

Use Child Care Connect to search for a child care center, compare your center to others across the city, and/or sign up for free text and email messages to receive updates about your child care provider.

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