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Child Care/Day Care

Keep Disease Away
kids In child care centers, diseases can spread easily because large numbers of children from different families spend hours together in one place everyday. See What You Can Do to Stop Disease in Your Child’s Day Care Center for information on recommended immunizations and how to decide when to keep him or her home when sick.

Eat Healthy and Stay Physically Active
Ensuring that your children are at a healthy weight involves eating healthy and being active. To learn what the New York City Health Department is doing to help children eat healthy and stay active while in child care or at school, click here. Additionally, there are many programs available to help the entire family eat healthy and be physically active.

Free or Low Cost Health Insurance Options
Learn about Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus insurance options available for you and your family and how to enroll.

big apple rx card The BigAppleRx prescription drug discount card is available free of charge.

Keep asthma under control
Learn about common asthma triggers and how you can help treat and control your child’s asthma.

Early Intervention
If you have concerns about your child’s development, Early Intervention may be able to help. Learn more.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Information, referrals and services are available. Learn more.

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