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Checklist for Doctor Visits

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Ask the doctor or nurse to write the instructions for taking your medicines on an Asthma Action Plan [En Español] [中文]

If you have questions about the asthma action plan form, see Your Road Map to an Asthma Action Plan [En Español]

Call 311 if you have questions about finding a doctor or about free or low cost health insurance.

Questions to Ask the Doctor or Nurse:
  • Which medicines are preventive medicines and which are quick relief medicines?
  • For each medicine, ask:
    • How much to take and when to take it.
    • How long to take it.
    • What are the possible side effects and how to avoid them?
    • Is it an inhaled medicine, a pill, or a syrup?
    • About how much will it cost?
    • Can I get two prescriptions so that I can keep one at school?
  • Ask for a spacer if any medicines are in a pump.
  • Ask for a peak flow meter.
  • Ask what to do and who to call if your breathing gets worse and your medicine is not helping.
  • Ask to talk with a social worker if you have trouble paying for medicines or doctors visits, or need help with housing or other issues that affect your asthma.

At Each Visit, the Doctor Should:
  • take a peak flow reading
  • ask you about recent symptoms
  • show you how to use a pump
  • discuss your triggers and how to prevent asthma episodes
  • tell you what to do if you have asthma at school or work
  • tell you how to get in touch if you are having asthma symptoms after the office is closed
  • review your Asthma Action Plan

When You go to the Doctor:
  • bring all of your medicines, including home remedies or non-prescription medicines
  • bring your peak flow meter and diary
  • bring your spacer
  • demonstrate how you use your medicines and peak flow meter to make sure you are doing it right

Tell your Doctor if, Because of Asthma, you have:
  • missed school or work
  • had symptoms, including waking at night due to coughing
  • gone to the emergency room
  • been hospitalized

  • Take your medicine exactly as the doctor says.
  • Get the prescriptions filled right away.
  • Take the right amount of medicine at the right times.
  • Keep taking the medicine as long as the doctor says to even if you feel fine and you are breathing well.
  • See your doctor within 2 days of any emergency room visit or hospitalization, EVEN IF YOU FEEL BETTER.

For more information call 311.