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Licenses and Permits
Radioactive Materials: Licensing and Inspection

The Radioactive Materials Division is one of the jurisdictions which implement the agreement to regulate byproduct material that the State has with the federal government. The Division's regulatory authority extends to the possession and use of radioactive materials at all non-industrial facilities in the five boroughs of New York. The Licensing Unit is responsible for the scientific review and approval of application for new, renewal and amended radioactive materials licenses to ensure protection of health and safety from use of such materials. The Inspection Unit is responsible for the inspection of all licensed facilities to ensure safe use of licensed materials and compliance with applicable rules, regulations and license conditions.

Licensing and Inspection

Radioactive materials licenses are documents which authorize the possession and use of certain radioactive materials by individuals specifically named or otherwise designated in the license. The Bureau of Radiological Health issues licenses in five (5) basic categories. These are:

  • Type 91 - Limited scope medical (except teletherapy) which authorize the use of radioactive materials or the radiation therefrom for specified uses in or on humans. In addition, such licenses may authorize use of materials in non-human applications by qualified personnel.
  • Type 92 - Limited scope teletherapy licenses authorize the use of cobalt-60 in teletherapy machines for the treatment of humans. No other activities or materials, with the exception of depleted uranium used as shielding in teletherapy machines, are authorized in this type of license.
  • Type 52 - Limited scope non-human use licenses authorize research and development or clinical testing activities where the radioactive materials or the radiation therefrom are used in other than human applications.
  • Type 75 - Human use broad scope licenses authorize a variety of activities in or on humans under a general authorization. They may also authorize use of materials in non-human applications.
  • Type 74 - Non-human use broad scope licenses authorize a variety of activities under general authorization, but which do not involve the application of radioactive materials or the radiation therefrom to humans.

When a change affecting the licensed operation or facility is considered by a licensee, including but not limited to changes ordered pursuant to this Code, so that the information on file with the Department, either in the initial license application or subsequent requests for amendments, or in the initial license or amendment previously granted, will no longer be accurate, the licensee shall request and receive an amendment for such change prior to causing such change.

Licensing Fees

New License Renewal License Amendment
Type 52 = $570.00 Type 52 =$440.00 ALL Types =$235.00
Type 74 = $3,135.00 Type 74 =$1,520.00
Type 75 = $3,135.00 Type 75 =$1,520.00
Type 91 = $1,350.00) Type 91 =$1,150.00
Type 92 = $1,365.00 Type 92 =$1,165.00

Application for Radioactive Materials License (PDF)

Guidance for Radiological Materials Licenses (PDF)

Inspection Fees

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Code, the Department is authorized to charge the following inspection fees pursuant to Section 225 of the Public Health Law and the regulations promulgated thereunder:

  • For facilities licensed to possess and use radioactive materials, the following inspection fees apply:

Facility Base Fee +Per Site Fees
(Includes first site)(For sites 2 through N)
Type 52 = $385.00 Sites inspected = $160.00
Type 74 = $2,450.00 Sites inspected = $160.00
Type 75 = $3,515.00 Sites inspected = $140.00
Type 91 = $ 610.00 Sites inspected = $140.00
Type 92 = $ 320.00 No additional per site fees

Due Date for Inspection Fees
  1. Payment for inspection fees is due and payable thirty (30) days from the billing date.
  2. Failure to pay any inspection fee may result in the suspension or revocation of a registration, certified registration or radioactive materials license.
Emergency Response

It is the responsibility of the Bureau to respond to all situations in which sources of ionizing radiation are involved, or alleged to be involved. Bureau personnel respond on a 24 hour per day, 365 day per year basis. Examples of such incidents include transportation accidents, damaged shipments, lost or misdirected radioactive materials (including 'red bag' medical waste contaminated with radioactive materials), personnel contaminations such as ingestion of radioactive materials and releases to the environment. All such responses are immediate.

For more information call 311 and ask for Radioactive Materials License.