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Health Care Providers
Find a Doctor in PCIP

Medical Practices in the Primary Care Information Project

As of July 2011, over 2,500 providers across New York City have adopted an electronic health record through PCIP.  Through devotion of time and resources to this process they have gained access to the organized information necessary to consistently deliver life-saving preventive care and keep patients with chronic diseases healthy. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene recognizes and applauds their commitment to the health of their patients. We are joined in this recognition by the leadership of the 32BJ Health Fund, who factor PCIP membership into their advice to members looking for doctors.  

With this search tool, you can find practices that have adopted an electronic health record through PCIP. A few notes about our list:

What does it mean for a practice to be on this list?

The practice has gone live with an electronic health record with the support of the Primary Care Information Project.

How accurate is this information?

This information reflects what a practice entered on their application form to PCIP. If any of this information is incorrect or out of date, please alert us by sending an e-mail to with the subject header “Update Information-PCIP Practice”. We will update this tool every few months as hundreds of new providers adopt EHRs through PCIP.

Why can’t I see the doctors’ names at some of the practices?

PCIP has partnered with independent practices, community health centers and hospitals to adopt electronic health records. This list contains a separate entry for each physician at an independent practice, but each clinic of a community health center or hospital is only listed once.

What if I am from a doctor’s office and I want all or part of my information removed from this recognition?

Just send us an e-mail at and we’ll make the change.