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Health Care Providers

The Primary Care Information Project is pleased to announce ON THE RECORD, a resource for providers seeking to share information about practicing medicine in the era of eHealth. The purpose of the group is to help NYC EHR users exploit a vast ocean of untapped wisdom: the collected experience of the hundreds of doctors, nurses, managers, and other staff members who make up the PCIP community.

ON THE RECORD is an online social network that gives members the opportunity to participate in moderated discussion forums, post useful documents, and to contact others facing similar professional challenges. With a couple clicks of the mouse, you can join the site and create a short profile that will enable you to search for other members by clinical specialty and neighborhood, among other criteria. The site also provides a convenient way to interact with the staff of PCIP, which will maintain a presence on the network in order to answer questions and post various guides and other useful documents.

ON THE RECORD seeks to connect you to other members in order to share best practices—clinical as well as managerial—and to discuss issues specific to New York City. You can join the site at any time by visiting ontherecord. If have any questions, please contact Tiffany Cheng at We look forward to seeing you online!

Here's a sample of what it looks like! Click here to enlarge.