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Health Care Providers
Instructions for using Reporting Central

Log in to Reporting Central via NYCMED to report suspected or confirmed cases of diseases and conditions that must be reported to DOHMH within 24 hours. (These cases can also be reported by mailing or faxing the paper Universal Reporting Form.)

If you do not already have a NYCMED account you will need to register. Once you are logged in, Reporting Central can be found under Provider Services in the middle of the page.

► See the Reporting Central New User Guide (PDF)

Note: Call DOHMH directly at 1-866-692-3641 to report all suspected or confirmed cases of immediately notifiable diseases as well as outbreaks among three or more persons of any disease and unusual manifestations of any disease or condition

► Get more information about reporting diseases and conditions to DOHMH

► Download the list of reportable diseases and conditions (PDF)