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West Nile Virus Spraying Events

2015 West Nile Virus Spray* & Aerial Larviciding** Schedule

Sept. 21 Other languages: [Español] [中文]

Sept. 16 Other languages: [Español] [中文]

Sept. 9 Other languages: [Español] [中文] [عربي] [Polski]

* Spraying - Applying a liquid insecticide from trucks to kill adult mosquitoes. Can take place in residential or non-residential areas.

** Aerial Larviciding - Dropping natural bacterial granules by helicopter to marshes and other large natural areas to kill mosquito larvae before they grow into adult mosquitoes. Does not take place in the residential areas of NYC.

In the event of rain or high winds, all operations continue on the next possible evening, weather permitting.

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