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Documentation: what you need to know

If you cook or bake on the premises:
You must have documentation for all the ingredients you use.

If you serve items cooked, baked or made elsewhere:
You must have documentation for these items.

If you supply NYC food service establishments:
As the manufacturer, you must provide documentation for all products sold to NYC food service establishments.

New York City-permitted food service establishments must keep onsite the original labels or other documentation for all food products except for:

  • agricultural products, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, or raw fish and meat and
  • foods served in the original, sealed, manufacturer's package.

Acceptable documentation from the manufacturer must include:

  • The manufacturer's name, address, and phone number,
  • Product name, serving size, and ingredients,
  • Trans fat content per serving, in grams, if product contains artificial trans fat. A product contains artificial trans fat if the ingredients list includes one or more of the following terms: "partially hydrogenated" vegetable oil, "shortening" or "margarine".
The following are links to samples of acceptable manufacturer's documentation for products that don't come packaged with an ingredient list and nutrition information.

Baked goods

Other pre-prepared or catered foods

Learn more about determining if a product contains artificial trans fat.