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Smoke-Free Housing

smokefree housing sign Managers and residents of multifamily buildings across the country are discovering the benefits of smoke-free housing.

A 100% smoke-free building is one where smoking tobacco products is prohibited anywhere on the premises, including within individual apartments and common indoor and outdoor areas, or a building where smoking is restricted to a limited outdoor area.

What are the benefits of smoke-free housing?
Everyone benefits from smoke-free housing:
  • Owners see reductions in property damage and turnover costs, and the potential for insurance savings by decreasing the likelihood of a fire.
  • Residents enjoy breathing cleaner, healthier air in their homes and in common areas such as hallways, lobbies and stairwells.
Are there buildings in NYC that are smoke-free?
The first residential buildings in New York to adopt 100%
no-smoking rules have opened their doors, and many more residences are considering adoption of this policy. A recent 2012 poll of New York City voters found that nearly 60% want to live in a place that is smoke-free. The organization Smoke Free Housing NY lists housing that is smoke-free.

Do other cities have smoke-free housing?
Smoke-free housing is popular in major cities like Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Seattle, where tens of thousands of apartment units have gone smoke-free. smokefree housing sign
How can I help my building go smoke-free?
The Smoke-Free Housing Kit for Landlords and Managing Agents describes the benefits of going smoke-free and the recommended steps for developing and implementing a new smoke-free rule. It also contains materials for educating residents, which is one of the best ways to achieve compliance.

Kit Components
Additional Materials

For questions about smoke free housing,

smoke-free logoTo order a copy of the kit or to receive additional materials, call 311.

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