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Poison Proof Your Home

Choose safe products. Before you buy any product:
reading label
  • Read the label.
  • Choose products with child-resistant caps whenever possible
  • Compare products.
  • Buy the smallest amount possible.

► See You Can Poison Proof Your Home (PDF)
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Use products safely. Be sure to:
  • Read the directions each time you use a product.
  • Don't leave your child alone with a product, not even for a second,
    to answer the door or telephone.
  • Keep the lights on and wear your glasses whenever taking medicine

► Use the Poison Lookout Checklist
to help you poison proof your home.

Store all products safely. Be sure to:
  • Keep products out of reach in a locked cabinet
  • Store all products in original containers. Never store poisons in a food or beverage bottle.
  • Store food and non-food products separately-packaging often looks similar
  • Use child-resistant containers and keep them
    closed properly.
  • Dispose of products safely.
  • Keep your purse out of reach of children.

Be safe about medicines.
Is it Medicine or Candy Poster
  • Never call medicine candy. Children should know the difference.
  • Keep medicines in a locked cabinet out of reach.
  • Do not take medicine in front of children. Children often imitate adults.
  • Teach children not to take medicine unless given to them by an adult they trust.

► See Is it Medicine or Candy? (PDF)
Other languages: :[Español][中文

► See Put Your Medicines Up and Away and Out of Sight

Be safe about plants.
  • Choose non-poisonous plants for your home. Ask your poison control center or a local florist about a plant's safety.

  • Learn which plants are toxic to children and pets. Label the plants.

  • Keep plants up high and out of reach of children and pets.

► See You Can Prevent Plant Poisonings (PDF)
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