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Lead Poisoning Prevention

father and daughter Lead is a poisonous metal. The most common cause of lead poisoning in children is dust from peeling paint. Lead also can be found in some products imported from other countries, such as foods and spices, medicines, clay pots and dishes, cosmetics, and painted toys. Some jobs and hobbies can expose adults and their families to lead.

Lead poisoning has serious effects on health, learning, and behavior. Young children are especially vulnerable to the effects of lead. A blood test is the only way to know for sure if you or your child has been exposed to lead.

In New York City, building owners are required to safely fix peeling paint in the homes of young children. If your building owner does not fix the peeling paint in your apartment, you can call 311 or go online to file a Lead Paint Complaint.

Holiday Toy Safety Tips

Toy Safety Tips
Playing is fun. Injuries aren’t! Here are a few tips to keep children safe. See the Toy Safety Tips Fact Sheet (PDF) Other languages: [Español] [中文]

For more information, call 311 and ask for the Healthy Homes Program