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Baking Without Transfat

Ready to bake without artificial trans fat?
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Getting started

Across New York City, bakers eliminated artificial trans fat. Suppliers have stocked up on new 0 grams trans fat baking ingredients, and bakeries are using these ingredients in their recipes with great success.

The Trans Fat Help Center, in collaboration with the American Institute of Baking and the New York City College of Technology Department of Hospitality Management, has tested a wide selection of 0 grams trans fat ingredients in many kinds of baked goods – everything from biscuits and cinnamon buns to blueberry pies and birthday cakes. The new products performed well – in many cases as well as or even better than those that contain trans fat.

To begin making the switch, review your recipes for ingredients that may contain artificial trans fat. Check the labels for “partially hydrogenated [vegetable] oil,” “shortening” or “margarine.” Learn more about reading ingredients lists and Nutrition Facts panels.

You should check the labels of all foods in your kitchen, with the exception of agricultural products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, raw meat, fish, or poultry. If an item does not have a label, ask your supplier to provide one. You may not keep food in your establishment without information on its ingredients - do not buy products if there is no label or appropriate documentation provided by the manufacturer. Learn more about appropriate documentation

Choosing 0 grams trans fat ingredients

We have designed our shortening and baking margarine product lists (PDF) to make it easy for you to identify the 0 gram trans fat replacements that are lowest in saturated fat – look for the healthy heart. If not currently in stock, ask your supplier to start carrying these lower-saturated fat products.

Your 0 grams trans fat baking shortenings and margarines may not last as long in your store room as those made with artificial trans fat. While some artificial trans fat containing products may have lasted up to a year in your store room, these new products may last 6-9 months. Follow the manufacturer's storage instructions, and buy smaller amounts more frequently if necessary.

If your transition to 0 grams trans fat baking margarine or shortening does not go smoothly at first, don't be discouraged! You need to simply try again. Sometimes all it takes is choosing and testing a different product. Or you might need to adjust your method or recipe.

0 grams trans fat baking trouble shooter

At the Trans Fat Help Center, we've talked to New York City bakers and have compiled a list of common questions about baking without artificial trans fat.

If you are permitted by the NYC Department of Health, you must follow these steps to be in compliance. If you supply food to NYC permittees, you must follow these steps for the food items that they buy from you:

About natural trans fat

Many baked goods contain natural trans fat, which is found in animal products, such as butter and eggs. Natural trans fat is allowed.

However, if a product contains any artificial trans fat, natural trans fat content must also be counted when you calculate total trans fat per serving. If the total trans fat content per serving is 0.5 grams or more per serving, the product will not comply with New York City’s trans fat regulation. Removing all the artificial trans fat from the product is the easiest solution.