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Earthquake Preparedness

drop, cover and hold on

- Drop to the floor.

- Take cover under a solid piece of furniture or next to an interior wall.

- Cover your head and neck with your arms.

- Hold on to a sturdy piece of furniture and be prepared to move with it.

- Stay where you are until the shaking stops.

After the Quake
  • Move carefully after the quake, watching for items that may have fallen or broken. Put on sturdy shoes before investigating further to prevent potential injuries from broken glass.

  • flashlight

  • If power is out, use a flashlight and turn on a battery-operated radio for more information. Do not use candles or open flame as a source of light.

  • If you smell gas, leave immediately and call 911. If gas is leaking and you know how, turn off the source of gas at the outside main, and call the gas company from outside your home.

  • Open closet and cabinet doors carefully, as items may have shifted inside.

  • Clean up spills of hazardous or flammable liquids immediately.

  • Be prepared for aftershocks, which often follow an earthquake.

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Last Updated: June 20, 2013