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Pandemic Influenza Preparedness & Response Plan

Download the full report (PDF 2,317K)

Plan Contents

pandemic flu kit

Table of Contents and Executive Summary (PDF 441K) (including acronym key)

Section 1. Command, Control, and Management Procedures (PDF 97K)

Section 2. Surveillance and Epidemiologic Response (PDF 775K)

  • Appendices
  • 2A. Interim case definition and testing guidelines for suspected H5N1 cases in the United States
  • 2B. NYC DOHMH guidance for providers on managing suspected H5N1 influenza cases
  • 2C. Management of patients presenting with communicable diseases of urgent public health concern
  • 2D. H5N1 avian influenza protocol for on-call physicians
  • 2E. Avian and non-human animal surveillance for highly pathogenic avian influenza
  • 2F. Surveillance and epidemiologic responsibilities during a pandemic

Section 3. Laboratory Diagnostics (PDF 1,311K)

  • Appendices
  • 3A. Nasopharyngeal specimen collection for viral respiratory pathogens
  • 3B. Virus detection laboratory submission form

Section 4. Community Control and Response (PDF 120K)

Section 5. Health Care Planning and Emergency Response (PDF 397K)

  • Appendices
  • 5A. Sequence of steps taken by BHPP to develop automated notification system for senior level NYC hospital staff
  • 5B. NYC DOHMH guidance document for development of protocols for managing patients presenting to EDs and clinics with potentially communicable diseases of public health concern
  • 5C. Model memorandum of understanding regarding sharing of personnel during a disaster
  • 5D. Utilizing volunteers during a disaster
  • 5E. Legal issues related to hospital response during a disaster
  • 5F. Model disaster privileges policy
  • 5G.Interim guidance for home caregivers of influenza patients during a pandemic

Section 6. Delivery of Antiviral Drugs (PDF 314K)

  • Appendices
  • 6A. Antiviral agents for influenza: background information for clinicians (CDC Fact Sheet)
  • 6B.NYC DOHMH advises against prescribing antiviral medications for personal stockpiling
  • 6C. Algorithm for pandemic influenza treatment: outpatient setting early pandemic—no NYC cases
  • 6D. Algorithm for pandemic influenza treatment: outpatient setting early pandemic—NYC cases geographically contained
  • 6E. Algorithm for pandemic influenza treatment: outpatient setting pandemic widespread in NYC
  • 6F. Recommended daily dosages of antivirals for treatment and prophylaxis

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Section 7. Vaccine Management (PDF 144K)

Section 8. Mental Health Response (PDF 132K)

  • Appendices
  • 8A. Special needs populations
  • 8B. Current status of resources

Section 9. Communications (PDF 3,622K)

  • Appendices
  • 9A. Questions and answers about avian flu: English
  • 9B. Questions and answers about avian flu: Spanish
  • 9C. Questions and answers about avian flu: Chinese
  • 9D. Questions and answers about avian flu: Russian

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Last Updated: January 16, 2013