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Tuberculosis Resources for Health Care Providers

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General Information

How the Health Department Can Help You Care for TB Patients: The principal strategy for controlling tuberculosis (TB) is to promptly identify individuals with infectious TB, and then quickly provide effective treatment. Through local Chest Centers and other patient-oriented services, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene works closely with health care providers to deliver coordinated TB evaluation, testing and treatment.

We Encourage Referrals to Chest Centers: Our state-of-art Chest Centers offer essential TB services and drugs free of charge. For more information on services and locations, please see the Chest Centers webpage or call the TB Provider Hotline: (347) 396-7400.

The Bureau of TB Control’s Clinical Policies and Protocols Manual describes policies, protocols and recommendations for the prevention, treatment and control of tuberculosis.


TB Reporting Requirements

By law, medical, dental and osteopathic and other health care providers and infection control practitioners and administrators of hospital or other institutions providing care and treatment, are required to report all suspected or confirmed cases of tuberculosis within 24 hours of diagnosis or clinical suspicion. Medical providers must report these patients even though microbiologists and pathologists are also required to report findings consistent with TB. Under certain circumstances, providers may need to submit an updated or corrected report.

What to Report

See the reporting requirements for suspected and confirmed TB cases (PDF)

When to Report

Within 24 hours of diagnosis, providers and infection control practitioners must report all suspected and confirmed cases of TB.

How to Report

Electronic reporting is preferred; however, other methods are acceptable. Use one of the following methods to report:

Electronically (Preferred Method)

Providers must create an account at NYC MED  (for help, call (888) 692-6339) and submit an electronic Universal Reporting Form.

Laboratories must report through NY State’s Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting System (ECLRS)

  • A portio n of the initial culture must be sent for DNA analysis to the NYC Public Health Laboratory (455 First Avenue, Room 236; New York, NY 10016) within 24 hours of observing growth of M. tuberculosis complex in a culture from any specimen.
Via Telephone
  1. Call the TB Provider Hotline: (347) 396-7400 to make an initial report within 24 hours of diagnosis. A representative will take your call Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm. At other times, a recorded message will provide reporting instructions. 
  2. Mail a hard copy of the completed Universal Reporting Form to the Health Department within 48 hours:
    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
    42-09 28th Street, CN #22
    Long Island City, NY 11101
Via Fax
  1. Fax the completed Universal Reporting Form to (347) 396-7579 within 24 hours of diagnosis.
  2. Mail a hard copy of the form to the Health Department within 48 hours.
Via Mail
  1. Mail the completed Universal Reporting Form to the Health Department at the address shown above within 24 hours of diagnosis. To meet the 24-hour deadline, use an overnight courier. 


Testing Guidelines


Treatment and Outpatient Follow-up
To report continuation, discontinuation, completion, and other outcomes of patient treatment, mail or fax the following form to the Health Department: Report of Patient Services (TB 65) (PDF), monthly visits of patients with active TB.

The TB Treatment Plan must be submitted to the Health Dept. within one (1) month of initiating treatment. Your patient’s case manager will provide you with the form.

To report treatment for latent TB infection, or LTBI, please submit the following form by mail or fax to the Health Department: Reporting Form for Latent TB Infection Treatment (TB 78) (PDF)

Refer a patient for Directly Observed Therapy by using this form (PDF).


Discharge of an Infectious (sputum smear positive) Tuberculosis Patient
The New York City Health Code mandates health care providers to obtain approval from the DOHMH at least 72 hours prior to discharging infectious TB patients from the hospital. The DOHMH will review the form and approve or request additional information before the patient can be discharged from the health care facility.

The Hospital Discharge Planning Checklist (PDF) for Tuberculosis Patients can help determine whether a patient may be discharged.

Weekday (non-holiday) Discharge: The written discharge plan (Hospital Discharge Approval Request Form (PDF)) should be submitted by fax (347-396-7579) to the Bureau of TB Control between 8am-5pm. Bureau of TB Control staff will review the discharge plan and, within 24 hours, notify the provider of any additional information/actions required for approval prior to discharge.

Weekend and Holiday Discharge: All arrangements for discharge should be made in advance when weekend or holiday discharge is anticipated.

For detailed information about hospital admission and discharge of TB patients, please refer to the Bureau of TB Control Clinical Policies and Protocols Manual.