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Tuberculosis Resources for Health Care Providers and Community Leaders

Hospital Discharge Approval Request and Treatment Plans

New Tuberculosis Reporting Requirements
(November 2010 Update)

Hospitals/providers must obtain approval from the Health Department before discharging infectious TB patients from the hospital (New York City Health Code Article 11 Section 21(4)). The Hospital Discharge Approval Request Form (TB 354) (PDF) must be submitted 72 hours before the planned discharge date and must be approved by the Bureau of Tuberculosis Control prior to discharge. Please refer to the Tuberculosis: Clinical Policies and Protocols Manual (PDF) and the Tuberculosis Discharge Planning Checklist (PDF) for guidelines and criteria for discharging patients with suspected or confirmed tuberculosis from the hospital.

Providers must submit to the Health Department a proposed treatment plan within one month of treatment initiation for all persons newly diagnosed with active TB (New York City Health Code Article 11 Section 21(4)). The Health Department will provide the form to the treating physician of record to complete.

Last Updated March 11, 2013