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Data & Statistics
Vital Statistics

The Bureau of Vital Statistics analyzes data that it collects from hundreds of thousands of birth and death certificates issued in New York City (NYC) each year by the Bureau of Vital Records.  The Office of Vital Statistics (OVS) cleans, stores, codes, analyzes and reports this data for official use.

Each year OVS publishes an annual summary.  The Summary of Vital Statistics presents data on many important health indicators such as life expectancy, leading causes of death and the infant mortality rate in NYC.  The Health Department uses these indicators, which are broken down by ethnic group, gender, age and neighborhoods, to monitor the public health.  Over time, these summaries make it possible to track areas where progress has been made, or that need additional attention. 

OVS also makes NYC data available through an interactive tool which alllows you to select the variables that interest you most, and by special request.

Most of the data reported by OVS is now gathered through the Electronic Vital Events Reporting System (EVERS) which is used by medical facilities, midwives and funeral homes throughout NYC.

The Bureau of Vital Statistics also provides resources and training for providers