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Data & Statistics
Vital Statistics

Summary of Vital Statistics

The Summary of Vital Statistics is published every year.  In 2013, it comprises 4 separate documents and 2 appendices:

2013 Summary of Vital Statistics Reports and Updated EpiQuery Modules:

The Executive Summary (PDF) presents 10 years of vital data trends in New York City, capturing important changes in population characteristics, causes of death, pregnancy outcomes, and infant mortality.

The 2013 reports and modules contain new and revised figures and tables, as well as new 2013 vital data summarizing 10 year changes in rates by important demographic characteristics.

2013 Summary Reports EpiQuery Vital Statistics Query
Infant Mortality Report (PDF) Infant Mortality Module
Mortality Report (PDF) Mortality Module
Pregnancy Outcomes (PDF) Birth Module

Appendix A (PDF) contains updates of tabular data presented in prior years

Appendix B (PDF) contains updated technical notes and copies of 2013 certificates from which data was collected.


Summaries of Vital Statistics back to 1961.  For easy access, select "Summary of Vital Statistics" in the Series Title search box.

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