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Data & Statistics
Vital Statistics

Interactive Data Tool

EpiQuery, the Health Department’s online interactive data tool, provides instant access to New York City birth and death data based on certificates filed with the Bureau of Vital Records.  Data reflect all vital events that occurred in New York City, regardless of residency.  Consult our vital statistics glossary if you have questions about the terms or methods used.  Some data can be downloaded in tables as comma-separated values (CSV) files.

Birth Data

View the total births by year for select years, as well as birth and fertility rates. Data can be further analyzed by different birth outcomes, such as birth weight; by demographic characteristics of the mother or infant, including gender and borough; and pregnancy and delivery characteristics.

This tool also offers links to 10 years of tabular trend data on birth and infant mortality, and teen pregnancy.

Death Data

Find out overall mortality rates, mortality rates by cause, and the top 10 leading causes of mortality for select years. Data is also broken down by demographic characteristics, including sex, age, race/ethnicity and borough.

Death/Mortality Trend Data  

This tool supplements data tables with line graphs to show increases and decreases for all causes of death and select causes—including accidents, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke—from 1994 through 2007. The graphs can be broken down by sex, race/ethnicity, age group and borough of residence.

Special Request

If you can’t find the data you’re looking for here, you may submit a special request.

Note: Some data in these tools have been censored to ensure data security and confidentiality. As a result, users may find slight but insignificant differences among these data, the annual Summary of Vital Statistics and data directly obtained from the Office of Vital Statistics.