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Data & Statistics
Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics Data

Aggregate data from New York City birth and death certificates filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics are available on EpiQuery. Data reflect vital events that occurred in New York City, regardless of residency.

Birth Data

All live births are required by law to be reported to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in New York City. This module compiles the information reported about these births to monitor the health of New York City women who gave birth and their infants.

Mortality Data

Mortality data are derived from death certificates, which contain demographic information such as the decedent’s age, sex, race, and residence as well as information about the cause of death. In New York City, these certificates are completed by physicians and funeral directors. The Office of Chief Medical Examiner investigates all deaths not due to natural causes, such as accidents, homicides and suicides, and some natural causes, especially sudden deaths. A small number of cases have been censored each year to ensure confidentiality. As a result, there are slight differences among these data, the annual Summary of Vital Statistics and data directly obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Infant Mortality Data

Infant mortality is a key indicator of a population’s overall health and is defined as the number of infant deaths occurring within the first year of life per 1,000 live births. To characterize infant mortality in New York City, the Bureau of Vital Statistics links the mother’s demographic data from the child’s birth certificate to data from the death certificate and confidential medical report of death.

Additional Information

The Bureau of Vital Statistics website contains links to the historic annual Summary of Vital Statistics which contain additional tables, technical notes, and sample certificates for various years. There is also a link to request data not available in the either the Summary of Vital Statistics or EpiQuery.