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Data & Statistics
Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) is an ongoing population-based survey of new mothers in New York City (NYC) designed to monitor maternal experiences and behaviors before, during and after pregnancy. Findings from PRAMS are used by the Bureau of Maternal, Infant, and Reproductive Health to: enhance our understanding of maternal behaviors that are important for good reproductive outcomes and infant health [Epidemiology Grand Rounds (PDF)]; develop and evaluate programs to improve maternal and infant health; and inform policy development relevant to reproductive health. Read more about PRAMS (PDF).


The tables below include selected results from the 2004-2010 NYC PRAMS surveys. For 2004-2008 births, the Phase 5 survey was in use, and for 2009-2011 births, the Phase 6 survey was used. Due to changes in several questions from Phase 5 to Phase 6, many indicators presented below are not comparable between the two time periods, and are noted with an * at the end of the subject heading.

Additional data for key indicators from the PRAMS survey are available through the CPONDER system. CPONDER is a web-based, menu-driven query system for generating analytic reports and graphs using PRAMS data, and is available on the CDC website at CPONDER.

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Infant Sleep
Family Planning
Postpartum Depression
  • New mothers diagnosed with postpartum depression
    2004-2005 (PDF)
    2006 (PDF)
    2007 (PDF)
Domestic Violence
  • New mothers who were victims of intimate partner violence during pregnancy*
    2004-2005 (PDF)
    2006 (PDF)
    2007 (PDF)
Substance Use