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How to Report a Diagnosis of HIV or AIDS

Please call the Provider line: 212 442-3388 for information.

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HOW TO REPORT HIV/AIDS – Questions and Answers

What should I do if I am reporting HIV/AIDS for the first time?

We would like to meet with you to set up a reporting protocol that works for you and meets the requirements of the New York State HIV Reporting Law (Chapter 163 of the Laws of 1998, PHL Article 21), which took effect on June 1, 2000. Please call 212 442-3388 to arrange for an orientation meeting.

Where can I get printed information about HIV/AIDS reporting?

We distribute an informational packet about HIV/AIDS reporting in New York City at our initial orientation meeting with providers. For electronic copies of some of the key materials in the HIV Epidemiology Program Provider Packet, click on the links below:

What form do providers use to report cases of HIV/AIDS to HIV Epidemiology Program?

Providers must complete a form required by New York State, Medical Provider HIV/AIDS and Partner/Contact Report Form (PRF), on all newly diagnosed patients and submit it to the HIV Epidemiology Program, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Where can I get the Medical Provider Report Form (PRF) used to report HIV/AIDS?

Our field representatives bring sample forms to orientation meetings held with providers who are reporting cases for the first time. New providers can make an appointment by calling 212 442-3388. Click here to view a sample copy of the Medical Provider Report Form (PRF).

For additional forms, providers should call the New York State Department of Health at 518 474-4284.

How do I fill out the Medical Provider Report Form (PRF) used to report HIV/AIDS?

Instructions for filling out the Medical Provider Report Form (PRF) are found on the reverse side of the form. For assistance with completing the PRF, please call 212 442-3388.

Click here to download a copy of instructions for filling out the Medical Provider Report Form (PRF).

What procedures should be followed when submitting a Medical Provider Report Form (PRF) used to report HIV/AIDS?

A secure method has been established to ensure confidential reporting of information to the HIV Epidemiology Program. A field representative from our office will pick up Provider Report Forms from you or your designee at regular, agreed upon intervals. In order to protect patient confidentiality, the faxing or mailing of reports is not permitted.

  • Please allow our field representative to review the form in your facility, and provide her/him with any missing information.
  • Please allow our field representative to review medical charts in order to complete reports.

Why do Department of Health field representatives review medical charts?

Information obtained from medical charts is used to help monitor trends and provide a picture of populations currently affected by HIV and AIDS in New York City. Accurate, up to date information assists in planning prevention, risk reduction and other programs.

For purposes of disease surveillance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires the reporting of several demographic variables, including age, race, ethnicity, sex, country of birth and zip code. Chart review is one way surveillance field staff from the HIV Epidemiology Program gather the required demographic information. Charts are also reviewed for clinical information, such as diagnosis of an AIDS-defining condition.

Should I file a report if the patient does not return for a positive test result?

All positive HIV tests in New York State must be reported, regardless of whether the patient returns for his/her test result. In section I.f. of the state reporting form, The Medical Provider Report Form (PRF), there is a space provided to indicate whether the patient has been informed of his/her HIV test result.

What should I do if I don't know the name of the HIV Epidemiology Program staff person who covers my facility?

The field representative for your facility can be identified and contacted by calling 212 442-3388.