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Data & Statistics
Special Data Requests

The Office of Vital Statistics makes data collected from New York City birth and death certificates, including terminations of pregnancy, available.

Data not requiring permissions

To request simple counts and rates that cannot be found in the annual Summary or interactive data tool, use this form.  Examples of the types of data that can be obtained:

  • What was the birth rate for Asian women living in Brooklyn from 2005 to 2007?
  • How many people died in traffic accidents in Staten Island in 2009?
  • How many Hispanic births that occurred during 2008 in Brooklyn weighed less than 2,500 grams?

Data requiring permissions

Two kinds of Vital Statistics data require permissions to use:

  • De-identified line listed data sets:

The Health Department provides limited use birth and death datasets that contain individual characteristics of births and deaths without identifiers.  Data sets are accompanied by file formats describing the specific variables included.  Certain restrictions apply.  Order now.

  • Identifiable data:

If the limited use birth and data files are not suitable for your project, you may request customized datasets containing identifiable data.  New York City law protects the confidentiality of information that is recorded on individual birth and death certificates.  Use of identifiable data is restricted and requires a formal application.  Apply now.

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