City Health Information
Volume 32 (2013) New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene No. 3; 11-18



Influenza Prevention and Control, 2013-2014
  • Vaccinate everyone aged 6 months and older against influenza as early as possible.
  • Give inactivated vaccine to all pregnant women in any trimester.
  • Get your flu vaccination as soon as vaccine becomes available and ensure that your staff does the same.



The NYC Health Department and its partners regularly monitor influenza activity. Updates are posted on the Health Department's Health Alert Network (HAN), which providers can register for at NYC MED (, and on its (influenza website).

The NYC Health Department asks providers to report:

  • nosocomial cases of lab-confirmed influenza or clusters of 2 or more cases of influenza-like illness in Article 28 facilities: report these cases to the New York State Department of Health at 518-474-1142 or through the Health Commerce System Nosocomial Outbreak Reporting Application, or complete a Healthcare Facility Infection Control (Nosocomial) Report (PDF) and fax to 518-402-5165.
  • influenza-associated deaths in people aged 17 and younger, which should be reported to the NYC Health Department at 347-396-2600 if they meet either of these criteria:
    • death from a clinically compatible illness in which there is a positive influenza test; or
    • death from an unknown febrile respiratory illness.

Join the NYC Health Department's ILINet Influenza Surveillance Program as a sentinel physician. In less than 30 minutes a week, you can support an important national public health initiative. For more information, visit CDC. The data you provide will help us monitor influenza transmission in NYC, and in return, you will get a limited number of free influenza tests at the NYC Public Health Laboratory and guidance on influenza management. Please e-mail for further information.

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