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7. Reduce Risky Alcohol Use and Drug Dependence

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Excessive drinking, illicit drug use, and non-medical use of prescription drugs increase the risk of many health problems. More than a quarter of underage New Yorkers (12-20 years old) and half of adults (21 years and older) report recent drinking and more than half in each group report recent binge drinking (5 or more drinks on one occasion). Accidental drug poisoning and alcohol-related deaths are among the leading causes of early death in New York City and nearly half of accidental drug poisoning deaths also involve alcohol.

The Health Department has been working to reduce alcohol and substance abuse, including through the advancement of evidence-based screening, brief intervention, referral, and treatment (SBIRT) program, which was launched in 2008 at the Department’s STD clinics and other clinical settings throughout the city.

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Last Updated 1/31/13