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About Us
1. Promote Quality Health Care for All

Americans receive only half of recommended preventive health services such as immunizations, cancer screenings, and management of chronic conditions, including diabetes and hypertension. In New York City, close to 1 million people are uninsured and 1 in 9 adults did not receive needed medical care in the past year.

Providing high-quality, affordable and accessible health care for all New Yorkers requires significant health delivery and insurance systems change, especially by improving insurance coverage, prioritizing primary and preventive care and linking provider payments to improved patient outcomes. Federal health care reform has the potential to advance these objectives. Greater use of prevention-oriented electronic health records (EHRs) will also help effect these changes. The Department is expanding its efforts to facilitate the use of EHRs in diverse practices and settings, which can improve quality and coordination of care, protect patient safety, and reduce medical costs.

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