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Take Care New York 2012 was launched in 2009 and built upon this progress by setting an action plan for individuals and families, health care providers, community organizers, businesses, and government to make New York City healthier. New aspects of
  • Implementing public policies to improve health to complement what can be done by individuals and medical providers.
  • Improving neighborhood conditions that impact
    health, such as safe homes and access to healthy, affordable foods.
  • A focus on children's health given children's unique and important health needs and our opportunity to promote life-long healthy behaviors.
  • Reducing health disparities among New Yorkers of different races, ethnicities and income levels.

► See the Take Care New York 2012  Plan (PDF)

Take Care New York 2012 established ambitious objectives to achieve the greatest improvements in the health of New Yorkers. Forty-one goals were set in 10 keys areas categorized into three broad areas:

  • Policies: Developing laws, regulations, and other policies that will improve environmental, economic, and social conditions that impact health.
  • Prevention, Quality, and Access: Improving the quality of health care, emphasizing preventive care, and expanding access to care.
  • Health Promotion: Informing, educating, and engaging New Yorkers to improve their health and the health of their communities.

► See   Take Care New York 2012: Tracking the City'a Progress, 2009-2010 (PDF)

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