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About Us
Chronology of the NYC DOHMH

1972 A Window Falls Prevention Program is inaugurated.
1984 Women's Healthline was established.
1985 The refugee health program was established in an effort to control infectious diseases. The Program for Environmental and Occupational Diseases Epidemiology was established.
1986 The Division of AIDS Program Services was founded. The program and its offshoots included the AIDS hotline, The AIDS Counseling and Testing, Prevention Training and Community Outreach, Office of AIDS Research, AIDS Surveillance and the Office of Gay and Lesbian Health Concerns.
1990 Communiy Health Works enhances agency committment to work with community partners to address complex health care issues and find innovative approaches to health issues. Citywide immunization registry was implemented. Injury Prevention Program, and Violence Prevention were focuses of new programs.
1992 The resurgence of TB in NYC, DOH responds by implementing the Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) program, which ensured that patients completed their drug regimens.
1997 DOH website allows public assess to electronic versions of birth and death certificate information and applications as well as health education information. Emergency Preparedness partnership with Columbia University is underway.
1998 Childhood Asthma Initiative takes off. Public health information for doctors and public on asthma treatments and effects on health is made available thru Asthma Hotline and public information campaigns.
1999 West Nile Virus investigations, surveillance and approaches to prevention are implemented. DOH assumes responsibility for Medicaid Managed Care in NYC.
2001 DOH responds to 9/11 and anthrax in New York City.
2002 DOH and DMH merger is implemented on July 1, 2002, creating the new Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, allowing for an increased holistic approach to public health and promoting synergies to address community health issues.