Finance Memoranda

Finance Memoranda advise taxpayers and tax professionals of the Department's current position and/or procedures with respect to specific issues. Memoranda are merely advisory and explanatory in nature, and not declaratory rulings or rules of the Department of Finance and do not have legal force or effect, do not set precedent, and are not binding on taxpayers. For a list of inactive memoranda used for understanding Finance procedures in prior years, visit the Finance Inactive Memoranda page.

Reserved for #14-1

Application of IRC §280F Limits to Sport Utility Vehicles. #13-1  1/15/14

Emergency Extensions of Filing and Payment Due Dates for Victims of Hurricane Sandy.
#12-2R  Revised 11/15/12

Application of IRC §280F Limits to Sport Utility Vehicles. #12-1  1/15/13

Emergency Extensions of Filing and Payment Due Dates for Victims of Tropical Storm Lee.
#11-4  9/16/11

One-Week Filing Extension Granted to Certain Taxpayers Whose Preparers Were Affected by Hurricane Irene. #11-3. 9/13/11

Finance announces emergency extensions of due dates for tax filing and payments due to Hurricane.
#11-2. 9/9/11

Application of IRC §280F Limits to Sport Utility Vehicles. #11-1. 1/13/12

Tax on Hotel Room Occupancy Revised for Room Remarketers. #10-3. 9/1/10

Tax on Hotel Room Occupancy Expanded to Include Additional Rent Charged by Room Remarketers. #09-3. 8/14/09

2009 Legislative Highlights. #09-2. 7/14/09

Calculating Investment Capital in the Alternative Tax Base. #09-1-R. Revised. 7/21/09

Guidance for Businesses Subject to the New York City Tax on Hotel Occupancy.
#08-1rev. 8/23/11


Internet Access Charges - Bundled Services and VoIP Under Utility Tax #07-1. 1/12/07

Hotel Rewards Points Programs Under Hotel Occupancy Tax. #06-2. 11/30/06

Department of Finance Policy Relating to the Service Members Civil Relief Act and the NYS Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act. #05-3. Revised 7/12/05

Mandatory Payment of Real Property Taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer. #05-2. 4/20/05


Mandatory Payment of Real Property Taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer. #03-4. 11/19/03 (Note: This FM is in the process of being revised to more accurately reflect current law. Please be aware that parts of the FM may no longer be applicable. An updated version will be available soon.)

Explanation of Taxpayer Assistance Act of 2002. #02-4. 10/29/02

New York City Tax Consequences of Certain Retroactive Federal and New York Tax Law Changes.
#02-3. Revised 1/30/04


Protective Commercial Rent Tax refunds for tenants receiving property tax escalation payment refunds. #00-8. 10/25/00

Real Property Transfer Tax on Bulk Sales of Cooperative Apartments and Residential Condominium Units. #00-6rev. 9/08/11

Joint State / City Power of Attorney Form Revised. #00-4. 5/31/00

Finance Letter Rulings Issued on a Non-disclosure Basis. Effective immediately, the New York City Department of Finance will issue letter rulings without requiring the taxpayer to be identified provided the ruling request otherwise meets the requirements of Title 19, Chapter 16 of the Rules of the City of New York Relating to Letter Rulings. #00-2. 01/24/00

Department to Accept IRS PTINs. #00-1. 1/13/00

Treatment of Internet Access Charges. #99-5. 10/26/99

Depreciation for Property Placed in Service Outside New York After 1984 and Before 1994. 
#99-4. 10/21/99

New York City Tax Treatment of Federal S Elections by Banking Corporations and Qualified Subchapter S Subsidiaries. #99-3. 10/21/99

1996 Changes to NYC General Corporation Tax Potential Impact on Homeowners Associations. #99-2. 10/21/99

Federal Check Box Rules New York City Tax Implications. #99-1. 10/21/99