Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE) Statements

Important Filing Update: If you were required to file the RPIE-2013 but did not file it by the June 2, 2014 deadline, Finance will mail you a letter in the next several weeks. The letter will give you an additional 30-day grace period to file the RPIE-2013 before you are subject to penalties for not filing. If you want to claim an exclusion from filing, you must complete the "RPIE Exclusions" section of the RPIE-2013. Please continue to check this page for updated information.

If you own an income-producing property that has an actual assessed value of more than $40,000, you must file a Real Property Income and Expense Statement (RPIE) or a Claim of Exclusion. Some properties are exempt and do not have to file either of these documents. Owners of utility-related property and equipment are required to file a report or statement with Finance with the information Finance needs to value the property accurately. You can read about exemptions, what to file, and get additional information here.

We use the information you file and/or information from similar properties that have filed to estimate the market value of your property for tax purposes. You must file your RPIE statements electronically. Property owners who cannot file electronically may apply for a waiver. If a waiver is granted, we will then mail you an RPIE application. For further information, download the RPIE-2013 Worksheet and Instructions. If you are not legally required to file an RPIE, you may still want to provide information about your property using the online RPIE-B form to help us better estimate the market value.

Continued for RPIE-2013 are changes which allow for consolidated RPIE filings of two or more properties that meet specific requirements. More information is available in the RPIE-2013 Worksheet and Instructions.

Utility Companies must also file the RPIE-2013.  Read More.

Thank you for providing information to help us value your property accurately and fairly.

Electronic Filing Instructions for RPIE and TCIE

1. Create a password for each Borough, Block and Lot. This password can be used to return and amend and/or complete an RPIE/TCIE.
2. Enter the requested information on each screen.
3. At the end of the application, you will be instructed to submit the application electronically.  For your convenience, the application is available to print for your own records.
4. Each time the "Next" and "Back" buttons are used, data entered on the screen will be saved.
5. To exit the system, close your browser.
6. Help screens and form instructions are accessible from the top right hand of every screen.

If you have already certified your RPIE form use the original password to amend the information.

The Borough, Block and/or Lot number information cannot be changed once you have started the filing. If you have made an error in the Borough, Block and/or Lot number, you must send an e-mail to in order for the information to be deleted. You must then input the information for the correct Borough, Block and Lot number.


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Mandatory Online Filing for RPIE 2013 - Deadline: June 2, 2014  
  • You must file your RPIE-2013 online
  • You can also file your 2013 Tax Commission (TCIE) application
  • You can save, quit or resume your filing at anytime
  • Online RPIE/TCIE filing is efficient and secure

The RPIE-B form is to be used ONLY by property owners who are not legally required to file the RPIE but who voluntarily wish to provide information to help Finance accurately value their property.


Forms & Reports

Non-Compliance Penalties

The RPIE-2012 was due on September 3, 2013. The deadline was extended to December 16, 2013. If you were required to file but did not submit a properly completed filing by the extended deadline, you may be penalized up to 3% of the final Actual Assessed Value with higher penalties for continued non-compliance. Owners required to file a claim of exclusion and who do not submit said exclusion claim by the June 2, 2014 deadline are subject to a first time penalty of $100, with higher penalties for continued non-compliance.

Non-Compliance Lists
The following lists identify properties that have not filed a 2012 RPIE.

RPIE-2012 Non-Compliance List as of 11/12/13 Adobe PDF  MS Excel 
Manhattan Download  Download 
Bronx Download  Download 
Brooklyn Download  Download 
Queens Download  Download 
Staten Island Download  Download 



Rent Roll Information
The suspension of the Rent Roll filing requirement is continued for RPIE-2013. We do not require Rent Roll submissions for RPIE-2013 but you are able to voluntarily submit a rent roll or update previously submitted information through your RPIE efile form.