Report Severe Property Damage from Hurricane Sandy

Note: The deadline for reporting damage has passed. We are inspecting and reviewing the value of every property for which we received a hurricane damage form. We will mail you a revised Notice of Property Value if we change your value after reviewing your property.


Hurricane Sandy damage and your property value

Each year, we mail you a Notice of Property Value (NOPV) in January that reflects the status of your property as of January 5th of the same year. Hurricane Sandy destroyed your property or resulted in severe exterior damage, the notice you received in January should take into account your property’s hurricane damage. But not all severe damage may be reflected on your NOPV.

Before we mailed out the January notices, we adjusted them to reflect damage that we were able to see from aerial photographs. If your property was tagged red by the Department of Buildings (DOB), we have been out to visit your property since we mailed your notice in January. We are also inspecting all areas that were seriously impacted by the storm based on data from DOB and information submitted directly to us.  But if you feel that your property’s severe hurricane damage is not reflected on your NOPV, you should report it as soon as you can to Finance to make sure that we know to inspect it.

We will be adjusting property values where appropriate before we finalize them in May 2013. The May values will be used along with the tax rate and other factors to calculate your July 2013 Property Tax Bill.

Important Note: If you disagree with the Assessed Value on your January 2013 NOPV, you needed to file an appeal with the NYC Tax Commission using the forms available on their website or by contacting 311. The deadline to file with the Tax Commission was March 1 for Class 2 and 4 properties and March 15 for Class 1 properties. It is important to remember that asking for a Finance Review of your property damage is not a substitute for appealing your Assessed Value with the Tax Commission.

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