Hurricane Sandy Update

Property Tax Relief for Properties Affected by Hurricane Sandy
A new law has been signed which gives a property tax abatement to property owners that fully or partially rebuilt portions of their property that were damaged due to Hurricane Sandy. This abatement will only be given to Class 1 property owners who would experience higher property taxes as a result of rebuilding their property. Class 2 and Class 4 property owners will get the abatement based on the increase in assessed value directly related to the improvements made to the building only. 

There is no application for this abatement. The abatement will be given automatically to properties that qualify based on your previous and current assessments. Please note that there is no appeals process.

To qualify for the tax relief abatement:

  • The assessed value of the property for fiscal year 2014 must have been reduced from the assessed value for fiscal year 2013 as a result of physical damage caused by Hurricane Sandy
  • The assessed value of the property must have increased for fiscal year 2015 from its assessed value for fiscal year 2014 as a result of rebuilding or improvements
  • The assessed value of the property for fiscal year 2015 must be greater than the assessed value for fiscal year 2013 before the storm.

Click here for a historical list of your assessments.


Abatement Details
The abatement will appear on the July property tax bills of properties that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Click here to download your property tax bill.

Properties receiving the Hurricane Sandy abatement
Data as of 5/27/2014





Staten Island

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