Lien Sale

When you don’t pay your property taxes, water charges, and other charges against your property, these charges are tax liens that may be sold in a tax lien sale. Each year Finance sells tax liens. If your property has unpaid debt that qualifies for the lien sale, we will sell your lien debt (the amount owed) to an authorized buyer. A lien servicing company, on behalf of the buyer, adds more fees and interest to your debt, so it is much better to take care of your debt before we sell the lien. We send you at least four notices before your lien is sold telling you about the sale and advising you to pay your debts so that your property’s lien does not get sold.

The last day to pay your debt or enter into a payment agreement was on May 15, 2014.

The Lien Sale took place on May 16, 2014.
 If a lien was sold on your property, then you should have received a letter with the contact information for lien servicing company now in charge of the debt.

Some residential properties were removed from the lien sale if they qualified for certain personal exemptions. Owners were sent Exemption Eligibility Checklists in all Notice of Intention to Sell Liens letters to help them apply.

Military Request for Relief from Lien Sale, Tax Warrants, Environmental Control Board judgments, and parking judgments
Active military personnel may request relief from the Lien Sale, Tax Warrants, Environmental Control Board judgments, and parking judgments.
Military Request for Relief

Payment Agreements
Payment agreements were available for properties noticed for the tax lien sale. Entering into a payment agreement or bringing an existing payment agreement up to date allowed owners to be removed from the sale.

Lien Sale Outreach
Over the past few months Finance, DEP and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) held many outreach sessions in each borough that provided owners with one-on-one customer assistance.

Contact Information

For Property Taxes
            NYC Department of Finance
            Tax Lien Ombudsperson
            Phone: 212-440-5408 or 212-440-5407 (Ombudsperson for Seniors)
For Water & Sewer Charges
           NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection
           Bureau of Customer Services
           Phone: 718-595-7000
           Department of Environmental Protection Payment Center Locations 

To Dispute Water & Sewer Charges
           NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection
           Water Lien Ombudsperson Office
           Phone: 718-595-OMBU (6628)

For Emergency Repair & Alternative Enforcement Charges
           NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development
           Phone: 212-863-6020

Current Lien Servicing Companies
           Tower Capital Management, LLC
           Phone: 800-970-8454

            MTAG Services, LLC
            Phone: 800-750-9210

Avoiding Predatory Lenders
When we publish the 90-day Lien Sale Notice, some homeowners receive loan offers they did not request. Be careful if you receive a loan offer after the list is published. The offer may not be in your best interest.
Dishonest lenders know that if your property is on the lien sale list, you owe the City money. These lenders try to take advantage of your financial situation, and you could lose your property. Be sure to research all lenders, seek guidance from independent sources, and be careful. Don’t risk losing your home to a predatory lender if you cannot pay back the money you borrow.
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