DRIE Information for Property Owners and Managing Agents

This program is for disabled tenants who qualify to have their rent frozen at their current level and be exempt from future rent increases. The program covers legal increases in your rent by applying credits to your property tax bill. For more information you can download the SCRIE/DRIE Brochure for Tenants/Landlords. 

Notification of a Tenant's DRIE Approval
Once a tenant applies and is approved for DRIE, we send a notification letter to the tenant and the owner/landlord. The letter will show:

  • The exemption benefit period;
  • The amount the tenant is responsible for paying;
  • The tax abatement credit (TAC) the landlord will be credited for that tenant.

To continue getting the DRIE benefit, the tenant must file a renewal application which will be mailed to them approximately 60 days before their DRIE benefit expires.

Building Owner’s Tax Abatement Credit (TAC)
There is a DRIE account for each building owner/landlord to track TAC credits and debits. You will receive a quarterly Property Tax Bill showing your credit or debit activity.

Refunds to Landlords/Owners for Excess DRIE Credits
Property tax credits due to DRIE are automatically applied to your current tax bill and any outstanding charges.  If you have excess DRIE credits on account and would like a refund, as opposed to having the credits automatically rolled over to the next tax period, please submit a refund application or online request for a refund.

TAC Adjustment Process
If you believe the Tax Abatement Credit (TAC) is incorrect, you may submit the TAC Adjustment Application. Please make sure to provide proof with the application.

The Appeal Process
If you think your tenant is receiving benefits to which they are not entitled, please contact DRIE as soon as possible, explaining why you believe the tenant does not qualify for DRIE. You can submit an Appeal Application or a letter explaining your concerns. Your inquiry will remain anonymous. If your tenant recently passed away or moved, please notify us immediately by submitting the DRIE Ineligibility form.

Forms and Reports

Need Help?

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