Disabled Homeowners' Exemption (DHE)

Provides a property tax exemption to disabled owners of 1, 2, and 3 family houses, condominiums, or cooperative apartments.

Eligibility Requirements:

Documented Disability At least one owner must have a documented physical or mental disability, not due to the use of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you own the property with a spouse, registered domestic partner, or sibling, only one of you is required to be disabled.
Income The combined income of all owners and their spouses cannot be more than $37,399. The application instructions specify the sources of income we use to determine your eligibility.
Residency The property must be your primary residence if you are applying as an owner who is disabled. If you are receiving health-related care as an inpatient of a residential health care facility, your property may also be eligible.
Ineligible Properties Your property cannot be within a housing development that is controlled by a Limited-Profit Housing Company, Limited Dividend Housing Company, Redevelopment Company, or Housing Development Fund Company. Please contact your property manager or managing agent for this information if you are not sure.

Note: You cannot receive both DHE and SCHE (the Senior Citizen Homeowner Exemption). If your property qualifies for both, we will only grant SCHE.

Estimated Reduction
If you qualify for DHE the table below will help you estimate how much your assessed value might be reduced by. 

If the Owners' Income Is Between (DHE) Can Reduce The Assessed Value By
$36,500 and $37,399 5%
$35,600 and $36,499 10%
$34,700 and $35,599 15%
$33,800 and $34,699 20%
$32,900 and $33,799 25%
$32,000 and $32,899 30%
$31,000 and $31,999 35%
$30,000 and $30,999 40%
$29,001 and $29,999 45%
$0 and $29,000 50%

Your Exemption Application for Homeowners and all required documents must be postmarked by March 15 (or the next business day if March 15 is on a weekend) for your exemption to begin on July 1 in the same year.

Forms and Reports

Note for Property Owners:
You may also be eligible to receive the following exemptions: Basic or Enhanced School Tax Relief (STAR), Clergy, and Veterans.
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