Rental Assignment Program

The Rental Assignment Program is for businesses, such as car rental or leasing companies, which rent or lease vehicles to individuals other than the DMV registered owner. Businesses are given access to web-based reports of their unpaid tickets and are given 54 days to submit the correct name and address of the person responsible for the ticket(s). The Department of Finance will then transfer the liability of the ticket from the vehicle owner to the verified ticket recipient.  Tickets that are not transferred or dismissed will be the responsibility of the DMV registered owner.

Enrollment in this program is based on an annual benefit period from July 1 through the following June 30. The cost to enroll vehicles in the program is $1 per month/per plate annually. You can enroll your business at any time during the benefit period and your fees will be prorated accordingly.

How to Apply:
Complete and submit the documents listed below. A lease rider is also required if the plate(s) being enrolled are leased, and registered to a different owner name.

  • Rental Application; 
  • Blank Rental Agreement;
  • Corporate By Laws;
  • Certificate of Corporation documents;
  • Corporation Seal affixed on company letterhead;
  • Copies of registration for all plates; and
  • Completed F1 form(s) with check and co-riders if plates are not registered to the above company’s name.

You must satisfy all parking debt before you can enroll a plate into the rental program.

Forms and Reports

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