Pay a Ticket

Finance collects and processes payments for all parking tickets and camera violations. You can get a camera violation by being photographed going through a red light or being filmed driving, parking or standing in a bus lane.

You must respond to any ticket received within 30 days of the issue date by either paying or pleading not guilty and requesting a hearing. If you do not respond by the 30th day, a penalty of $10.00 will be added to parking fines and $25.00 to camera violations. Additional penalties will continue to be added until you respond or pay what you owe. All payments must be in US currency.

Pay your tickets:

  • By Mail - Mailing instructions are on the back of the envelope provided with the parking ticket.  Allow enough time for mail delivery to avoid penalties. If the payment is received after 30 days from the issue date a $10.00 penalty will apply to parking tickets and $25.00 to camera violations.
  • In Person - Visit any Finance Business Center and pay by cash, check, money order, MasterCard / VISA / American Express / Discover credit cards, or your debit card.