Reinstatement of a Previously Dismissed Ticket

If Finance determines that we should not have dismissed your ticket, you will receive a Notice of Hearing with a Statement in Support of Setting Aside Prior Dismissals. This means the dismissed ticket may be reinstated.

To Contest the Reinstatement
A hearing will be scheduled where you will have the chance to prove why you are not guilty of the original charge(s). You may appear by yourself, with an attorney, or send an eligible representative who is authorized, in writing, to speak on your behalf.

Uncontested Reinstatement Hearing
You do not have to appear if you agree you were guilty on the original ticket.

You may send a letter or call the Fraud Investigation Unit to say you do not want to object to the reinstatement and do not plan to attend your hearing. The Reinstatement Petition and any evidence in support will be submitted to a judge who will make a decision which will be mailed to you. The original ticket may be restored and you may have to pay up to three times the original fine and three times the additional penalties.

Contact Information
Department of Finance
Fraud Investigation Unit
345 Adams Street – 3rd floor
Brooklyn, New York 11201