Fleet Program

The Fleet Program helps businesses manage their parking tickets by providing participants with web-based reporting of outstanding tickets and the ability to create bills and request hearings online. If your business has one or more commercial vehicles registered or leased under the business’ name and address you can enroll. There is no fee to participate in the program.

Participating in the Fleet Program allows you to keep track of parking tickets issued to vehicles registered in the program, select tickets to pay, request hearings, and enroll or remove plates as needed. Tickets are penalty-free for a period of 45 days. After this period, unresolved tickets will begin to accrue penalties in 45 day increments. If you do not resolve outstanding tickets after 135 days, a default judgment will be entered. Interest will then be charged and the judgment may be enforced by booting, towing, non-renewal of registration, and/or property seizure. If your company accrues more than $350 in judgment debt, it will be removed from the program.

How to apply:
Sign the enrollment agreement and complete the enrollment application to enroll your business and vehicles registered or leased in the business’ name and address. Any outstanding parking summons debt must be satisfied prior to enrollment. Once an application is received by the Fleet unit, a bill will be sent to the address provided on the application. You must provide copies of DMV registrations of ALL plates being enrolled. A lease rider is required if the plate(s) being enrolled are leased, and registered to a different owner name.

If you participate in the Fleet Program, you may also be eligible for the Stipulated Fine Program and the Commercial Abatement Program

Forms and Reports

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