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EFT Waiver Request Form

If you are required to make real property tax payments electronically because the total amount of the property taxes for the properties for which you pay the taxes is at least $300,000 per year, and you will not be able to pay electronically, you can apply to Finance for a hardship waiver by completing this form.

You must apply at least 30 days before the date that the payment is due.

You will receive a written response within 10 days of Finance's receipt of this submission. If the waiver is granted, you may pay by check or by any other non-electronic method only for the period listed in your application.

Please note that this waiver applies ONLY to the method by which you will be paying the tax and NOT in any way to your liability, the amount you are required to pay, or the time by which you must pay to avoid interest charges.

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If you are submitting a request for a large range of properties, please use the text box below to list these properties beyond the three above.

Waiver Request
Pursuant to NYC Administrative Code §11-128, I am required to pay my real property taxes electronically but will be unable to do so. Accordingly, I am requesting a hardship waiver.

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