Getting Paid

The City is required by law to pay its vendors electronically if they have contracts to provide goods and services valued over $25,000. These City vendors must enroll in the City’s Vendor Payment Direct Deposit Program

Submitting an Invoice
Vendors who are doing work or providing services to the Department of Finance should send invoices to the following address:

NYC Department of Finance
Financial Services Unit
One Centre Street, Rm. 1040
New York, NY 10007-1602

The general requirements for the submission of invoices are as follows:

  • Invoices must list the purchase order, contract, or service call number related to the work invoiced, the date(s) the service was rendered/goods were shipped, the location of the service or where goods were shipped to, and a description of the service/goods.
  • For vendors with a maintenance contract for equipment, the invoice should also reference the month being billed, the type of equipment, the serial number(s) of the equipment, and the location of the equipment.
  • Sales tax should not be included on invoices. The City does not pay sales tax.

When Mailed Payment is Not Received

If you do not receive an expected payment from the City of New York, contact the City agency with which you have a contract. If the check was issued and cashed, you will be asked to submit one or more forms/documents below, and include signature verification. If it was not cashed, the agency you are doing business with will begin the process to re-issue the check.

Forms and Reports