2012 Information for Software Developers

All participants in the NYC program must comply with the procedures, requirements, and specifications as detailed in IRS Publication 3112: IRS e-File Application and Participation and IRS Publication 4164: Modernized e-File Guide for Software Developers and Transmitters.

Software Developer's Guide

Download TY2012 Guide 

Electronic Return Originator's Guide
Coming soon

NYC-Specific Schemas
Download TY2012 Schemas (v4.1)
Download TY2012 Schemas (v4.0)
Embedded TY2012 Generic Schedules
Attached TY2012 XML Schedules 

Business Rules
Download TY2012 Business Rules (12/4/12)
2012 Naming Conventions 

Error Codes
Error Categories and Messages (04/04/13)

Test Packages
2012 GCT Test Package (v2.0 11/28/12)
2012 BCT Test Package (v1.0 11/20/12) 
2012 UBTP Test Package (v2.0 12/3/12)
2012 UBTI Test Package (v1.0 12/17/12)
2012 1127 Test Package (v1.0 12/17/12)

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