Court & Trust Funds

Monies paid to the courts for legal matters, are held in an interest bearing Finance Department Common Trust Account. Deposits and withdrawals of court funds are made through court orders. If funds are not claimed after three (3) years, they are sent to the NYS Comptroller's Office as abandoned property. 

Depositing Funds with the Department of Finance
Funds can be deposited with the Department of Finance only by order of the court. You may deposit funds with the Department of Finance by submitting a certified copy of the court order directing the payment along with the check made payable to the Commissioner of Finance. Documents can be filed by mail or in person at the address listed below. 

 Mail to:
 Department of Finance
 Court Assets Unit
 66 John Street, 12th Floor
 New York, NY 10038          
 In Person:
 Manhattan Business Center
 66 John Street, 2nd Floor - Window 5
 New York, NY 10038

 Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 1pm to 4pm

Please be sure to include your contact information so Finance can mail you a receipt for the deposit. 

Withdrawing Court and Trust Funds
Withdrawals can only be made by a certified court order directing Finance to pay an amount to a specified person or persons.  The order must include the amount(s) to pay, plus any interest, less any fees.

Please follow the directions below to withdraw court funds:

  1. Claimant(s) or their attorney must complete and mail an Application for Certificate of Deposit to NYC Department of Finance. Finance will return a copy of the application along with the Certificate of Deposit showing the current balance, including added interest.
  2. Claimant must attach the original Certificate of Deposit to the copy of the application and present it to the court.
  3. After the judge signs the court order, claimant must take a copy of the signed order to the Clerk of the Court and have it certified. There is a fee for certification.
  4. The IRS W-9 form is required for all payees listed on the court order.
  5. Claimant(s) can submit their request for payment by mail or in person. They must submit the original Certified Copy of the Court Order, the  W-9(s), and any other documents requested by Finance.

Finance will contact you if we need additional documents. 

Forms and Reports

Application for Certificate of Deposit
Заявление на получение депозитного сертификата
Solicitud de Certificado de Depósito

W-9 form - Federal tax form provides information necessary so Finance can report the payment to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS will send the payee Form 1099 showing taxable income.  For more information, visit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website.

Optional Forms

Signature Verification Form - This form is used in Court and Trust cases when it is necessary to obtain the notarized signatures of all persons (individuals, attorneys, corporations) to whom payment is being made. This form is required for all payees whose notarized signature does not appear on the Application for Certificate of Deposit.
Подтверждение подписи
Verificación de la firma

Power of Attorney - Finance will notify you if you need to file this form.