How to Get a Bail Refund

If you do not receive your Cash Bail refund in the mail eight (8) weeks after the case ends, contact Finance. Please have a copy of your Cash Bail receipt ready when providing information.

Getting Your Refund Mailed To You
Generally, no action is required. When a case is over, the court sends a refund order to Finance within five to six weeks. Finance sends a check to the surety (or the assignee), at the address on the Cash Bail receipt, within two (2) weeks of receiving the refund order from the court.

If the defendant was convicted, Finance deducts three percent of the amount of the Cash Bail to cover administrative costs before issuing a Cash Bail refund. If the defendant was not convicted, then Finance refunds the full amount of the Cash Bail and does not charge any fee for holding or refunding the Cash Bail. Courts sometimes impose additional fees and do not explain them to Finance. In those cases, you will have to contact the appropriate court to discuss the fee.

Stopping Payment on a Cash Bail Refund You Didn't Receive
If you are the Surety (the person who paid the Cash Bail) or the Assignee (the person to whom the Surety transferred the Cash Bail), and you did not receive a refund check within eight (8) weeks after the case ended, contact the Cash Bail Unit. If Finance mailed you a Cash Bail refund check, we may need to place a stop payment on the check. Complete a Stop Payment Affidavit. Mail or deliver the notarized affidavit to the address on the form. Please note it takes 30 days to re-issue a check after a stop payment has been processed.

Claiming a Cash Bail Refund When the Surety is Deceased

A surety's next-of-kin (or the person paying for the funeral) can submit a claim for the bail refund by completing a Surety Survivor's Affidavit. Mail or deliver the affidavit, notarized, with a copy of the death certificate and paid funeral bill to the address on the form.  

     Аффидевит лица, пережившего поручителя
     Declaración Jurada del Sobreviviente del Fiador