City of New York Department of Correction

How Do I... Schedule Attorney/Client Videoconference Interview?

Defendants who are eligible to appear electronically at this time must be 18 years of age or older and housed on Rikers Island or the Vernon C. Bain Center in the Bronx.  Defendants can appear electronically for attorney/client interviews and non-dispositive calendar appearances.

Other appearance purposes may be permitted as well.  Check with the Court’s video teleconferencing liaison.

Attorneys who wish to have an electronic conference with their clients must schedule these conferences with the court’s video teleconferencing liaison (VTC liaison).  There is a court VTC liaison in each borough’s Supreme Court.  Conferences are limited to 30 minutes.

For further information, contact Carole James, Executive Director, Criminal Justice Bureau, NYC Department of Correction at (718) 546-8359.

The information provided here is intended for general guidance and does not attempt to cover all situations relating to scheduling an electronic appearance.